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Here we answer questions around our service

Frequently asked question

How can I arrange a meeting?
Please call us and we will send you a girl.
If you want to plan long tell us as well.
How high is the additional taxi cost?
Starts with ~100RMB (two ways). It depends on the real way to your hotel (you can get the recipe) and the way back.
Can you tell me the taxi cost in front?
Yes we can, when you give us the hotel telephone number.

Can I pay with credit card?
Sorry, we can accept cash only.
Can I upgrade to a longer or different service?
Sure, when the girl arrives ask her about an upgrade.
When should I give the girl the money?
Please give the girl the money in the first minutes. An advice an additional tip builds a good relationship.

In which currency can I pay?
EURO, US$ and RMB are fine.
Why are the faces pixeled on the pictures?
You know, the most pictures in the internet are fakes. Our pictures are all real. It is to save the privacy of the girls.
A question that is not answered here:
Please tell us.